Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A lot has happened in the past week; unfortunately, I was in Maine all weekend and didn't get a chance to update the blog. That being said, here are the new things we have done:

1. The monome "API" of sorts is mostly complete. This means we can display graphics/scores much easier using pre-defined functions.

2. About 60% of the game code has been written. Still to do: some interrupt routines, overtime, conrtol of motor/servos once they are integrated.

3. Many of the parts have been built/bought/obtained. These include:

18V Drill Motor for translating the backboard

monome Displays for graphics (note: we had to make them again with brighter LEDs)

SP-404 for sound effects (already own this, thankfully)

Making the backboards using the laser cutter (thanks to Eric Pinter/Savior of 350)

Starting a fire is a good idea.

Still to do: finish game code, incorporate motor madness, and get the last few parts, including EEPROM memory for high scores. Until then, we leave you with this picture, with the proverbial caption...


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